Saturday, June 25, 2011

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This week I have been watching a precious 6 month old. He has definitely won my heart! But let me tell you I totally forgot the time they require. Yeah those projects I've been working on, those are on hold. It got easier each day but he kept me busy!I did brave WalMart with him and was successful. It was definitely a harder trip than usual but I got everything on the list and was even able to still use my calculator. I know ...nerd...but when your on a budget you have to know how much your spending. Anyway....after we got home he wet on me. I think he was letting me know that the trip was too long! People that say being a mom isn't a full time job are insane, and not a mom themselves. It was nice having a handsome little man around our house! I think my husband fell in love with having him here. I think he is on the mission to have one of his own. He is just too cute with babies.

This is him before we went swimming. He loved the water! I think he kicked his legs the whole time we were in the water!

Saturday he went home and I went to a Shower for one of my friends. It was super fun to be with the girls. We played several games and ate food. What more could you ask for?

Well, here is the cake! It was red velvet and delicious!

And yes, we played the toilet paper bride. Too fun!!! I must say I had some great designers!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Well, here is my menu for this week! I'm so excited that I've made it another week with my organizing. I'm sure it will just get easier and easier. This week was a little tough because we were watching a 6 month old and I'm not really used to the "attention" they require. Wow! Those little ones will keep you busy. So, I just did my meal plan at a couple of nap times. Thankfully he is a great sleeper! I have to tell you though.....he is going to be a heart breaker! I enjoyed every minute of watching him! Anyways....back to the menu. Here it is and I hope you get some ideas to help your menu out!

Friday: Beef Stroganoff

Saturday: Taco/Mexi Rice

Sunday: Spaghetti/Salad

Monday: Grilled Chicken / Pasta Salad

Tuesday: Shrimp Etoufee

This is the easiest meal and our family's favorite! You will see it on here almost weekly.

Wednesday: Orange Chicken/Rice/Edamame

Thursay: Chicken Pesto Sauce/Penne Pasta

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Home Owners

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So, this Saturday we became true home owners. We have just recently bought a home but as you know there is more to it. There is always something that you need to "complete" your home. Well, I know we are not done, but we bought two of the necessities for owning a home.
The first thing we bought was our first little grill. Thanks to a gift card we enjoyed buying it. We are having our first family cookout. So, this was a must!
Putting it together was a little crazy! I did it almost all by myself. Then, we tested it out by grilling some chicken. Yummy! It was delicious....I think we are ready for our cookout!
The next thing that is a must if you own a house is a lawn mower. We have been borrowing mowers and that is just not the good stuff. So, we finally have our own. And I must say that our lawn looks amazing!!!! Sometimes it's not what you want to spend money on but it's a need!

I must say that my hubby works so hard around the house. He is chillin with his baby girl after a long day!

To conclude our day we drove up to pick up my daughters first truck. We bought it months ago and my dad has been working on it. It was finally ready and she just could not wait to get it. She is so excited to work on this beauty! She wants to do so much for it. She loves fashion so it must be a HOT truck~ And it will be soon!

Friday, June 17, 2011


I have really been trying to get organized this summer. And one of the ways I'm going to try and get organized is planning a weekly Menu and blog about it. That way I feel like someone is watching and I will actually do it every week. Well, I know it's a great idea.....but we will see how the follow through goes. Now my days will be a little weird because I don't always get groceries on the same day each week. We have a cash system and get money every 8 days. So, ignore that and just look at the yummy food! So, here it goes! This is my 1st meal plan for this week.

Friday: Meatloaf/green beans/Mashed Potatoes

I know some people think ewwww but I'm just a meat eater so I love it!~

Saturday: Grilled chicken/Classic Pasta Salad (out of a box)

Sunday: Father's Day cookout

So, excited to finally have everyone at our house!

Monday: Game night with friends......we are bringing greenbeans wrapped in bacon

Everything is better with bacon!

Tuesday: Oma Rice ( stir fry with chicken, rice, eggs, and veggies)

cooking everything seperate makes the flavors really stand out

Wednesday: Ravioli/Salad

Thursday: We should have plenty of leftovers.

This will be my lazy day!

O and if you love love love veggies.....this might not be the place for you. But I am trying really hard to try new things. For example: I can't stand many green things and my precious hubs got me to LOVE sugar snap peas and edamame! So, there is hope that his plan turns more green over the months to come. At least I hope! No promises :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Family Vacay

This weeks Summer Lovin! June 11, 2011

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This week was full of fun! My family went on vacation to Branson. This was the first time Rhees has experienced my family's vacation. Thankfully he is just as silly as they are so he fits right in! The first day there we spent the whole day at Silver Dollar City. That was a lot of walking!!!!! The roller coasters were my favorite! It's so nice to have one week during the year that the whole family is all together!

We really enjoyed the go carts! I think speed and racing is in our blood! My mom was a little worried about racing but she loved it!

Daniel, Christy, Necia, and Rhees are waiting to race! Good Luck~!!!

Necia wouldn't be pleased unless there was shopping on our vacation. And that little lucky girl found an outlet!!!! Score!!!!!!!! She found her first key chain here and some adorable flip flops!

It was hot but we fed the trout. This was a fish hatchery. They use these to stock the rivers! YUMMY!!!!! I love fish!!

One of our stops was a winery. We sampled some wine and Necia loved the grape juice! So, of course we had to buy some!

When we got back home we went to a beautiful wedding at Bridal Creek! It was the first wedding since ours. It was a little emotional! When the bride walked in I remembered that feeling you get in your stomach. What a blessing to be able to celebrate this wonderful event with our friends!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fantastic Summer Saturday

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This Saturday was full of excitement! We started our journey towards Bartlesville to attend Sunfest. We go every year to enjoy seeing friends,food, crafts, music, and old cars. It was sooooo hot today so of course our first stop was our very favorite gas station. Sweet tea was a need for today!
We made plans to meet my mom at this stage to enjoy the Steel Drums play! I love the sound that they make. Makes you feel like your on a beach somewhere....which I would love! The students playing are from the local school band! Wow! Aren't they lucky to have this experience!


Every year we go during the car show. It is always fun to look at these amazing cars and DREAM! Little did my daughter know that she had a huge car surprise in her very near future!

Our next adventure was going to my parents house to surprise my daughter with her first car! She has been searching for an old Chevy truck to fix up. We wanted it to be a surprise so we have had a very difficult time keeping it from her the last few weeks. But well worth it! She was so excited when we turned the corner! She said, " OH MY I THINK I'M GOING TO CRY! "

Next part of her life is learning to drive and fixing up this truck! I'm thinking I won't hear "I'm board" for a long time!

If that wasn't exciting enough for you.....we got to go for our first swim in our own pool. This is a huge deal for us. We just bought our first house and are so happy that we can relax in our own backyard after a sun filled day!

I love my life and can't wait for the blessings to come!
Definitely a fun filled Summer Saturday!