Friday, January 28, 2011

Rock Star

I absolutely love my job! I mean what other job can you dress up an be silly! We had a Rock Star day dress up day at school for a fundraiser. It was so funny to see everyones idea of a Rock Star. I just got my hair cut so it was perfect for today.

Here are some Rockin teachers. Don't they look awesome! Students love to see their teachers having fun!

We spent our morning tatooing each other. I think he looks Hot with those tats! My kids wanted to know if they were real.

I googled what Rock Stars wear because isn't that where all people get their fashion advice! I borrowed this tutu from one of my students.

We spent the night before shaving his head. Isn't it awesome! He had a template that he made. He traced it onto shelf paper and then we just shaved over it to make the design. I LOVE IT!

I love working with my husband! We don't really see each other much during the day but it's so fun to come and go with him and have fun on these dress up days! One of the 5th graders said to me, " Mrs. Lane you and Mr. Lane are the cutest Rock Couple."

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ice Skating

Ice Adventures

There is an outdoor skating rink open downtown a few months out of the year. Rhees and I enjoyed skating last year and only fell once. So, this year our goal was not to fall and bring Necia to enjoy the experience also. Well, we ended up bringing some friends too! Which always is so much fun! The bad thing is the ice was very rough so, it was more difficult to skate. So, Necia really didn't enjoy it as much. Despite the rough ice we managed to have a great time. So, here is a little sneak peak of our Ice Adventure.

These are some friends who brought more friends. And let me tell you.... these two little twin girls were so precious. It was there first time on the ice.

These are our friends who we hope have the next wedding! They are too cute together!

Well, this was a fun ice skating trip but as you a teenage girl you have to look good doing it! So, yes...this little girl was very concerned that her socks didn't match and the skates were not attractive!

Well, despite the so called fashion disaster she claims is going on here.....
I think she looks fabulous!

We started going around pretty slowly but quickly remembered and had the hang of it. We even started skating backwards and did some basic tricks. We even managed to have 0 falls! Well, for me I was proud. I'm sure Scott Hamilton would laugh at us....but we weren't there to impress. We had so much fun and will definitely go back for our 3rd annual skate trip!


I'm so happy you found my new Blog! I love my little family and the wonderful life we have together. Even when there are hard times or craziness, I know there are still blessings all around me. I love blogging and sharing ideas, stories, and just things that have been happening in my life. I enjoy reading your blogs to see the wonderful blessings that are happening in your life as well! It is always an encouragement to see those things happening in your life! Also, another thing I love to see in my friends blogs are ideas! I am always a sucker for a new idea......parenting advice, crafts, projects, and much more! So, thank you for your great ideas! Everyone has so many different talents....thank you for sharing! Well, if you can't tell.... I'm happy you are here and I hope to keep in touch with your blog!